May 11, 2008

MMFX Exhibition opens at IMA (USA)

Following its participation as invited team in last year's Material Manufacturing Effects / MMFX Symposium in Indianapolis (USA), ReD's work is now featured in the MMFX Exhibition, at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Here is a short description by curators Keving Kingler and Branko Kolarevic:
The Indianapolis Museum of Art is presently hosting Manufacturing Material Effects:
Rethinking Design and Making in Architecture, an exhibition that features work from
leading thinkers, designers and manufacturers from around the world who
participated in the 2007 symposium at IMA organized by Kevin R. Klinger and
Branko Kolarevic. The exhibition display was designed, digitally fabricated, and
assembled by a team of graduate and undergraduate architecture students at Ball
State University working with key regional industry partners. Through this
immersive learning experience, a hallmark of Ball State University, students were
transformed by engaging a real world collaborative exchange. Students developed
the display system entirely using digital media and translated files electronically to
drive the production of each specific material. A digital exchange of information
between manufacturers and students was central to the success of the project.
The exhibition is sponsored by the Institute for Digital Fabrication (IDF) with the
Center for Media Design, the College of Architecture and Planning at Ball State
University, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, as well as regional industry partners.
Multiple manufacturers have donated materials, facilities, and production time for
the exhibition. These businesses include Indiana limestone, Indiana hardwood
veneer, metals, and plastics specialists.
The exhibition will be on view through June 8, 2008. A formal closing event has
been scheduled for May 30, at 6pm at the IMA. Formal remarks by Ball State
University President, Jo Ann Gora and Indianapolis Museum of Art Director and CEO,
Maxwell Anderson will begin at 6:30.

For more information, please visit:

April 09, 2008

DISONANCIAS : 2nd Meeting in Bilbao

The DISSONANCIAS initiative promoted a meeting in Bilbao between all the artists and companies that are developing collaborative researh projects. When half of the research period is completed, this meeting was an opportunity to see all the works in progress and to share experiences and ideas that could enrich the further development of the works.

In this session, ReD and IMAR had to make a 15 minute presentation to the other participants. The reactions to the work in progress on investigating design and technical possibilities to develop 3d variable components in perforated and expanded sheet metal were generally positive. This fact encourages the next evolution of this collaboration, which will involve the prodution of a 1:1 scale physical prototype.

01 Meeting with all the participants in the DISONANCIAS initiative in the TECNALIA Building at the Polígono industrial de Zamudio in Bilbao, Spain.

March 19, 2008

ReD started teaching its Digital Fabrication course in the Workshop @ ESAP (Portugal)

The 2nd Internation Workshop on Advanced Digital Design Processes started on the 17h of March, hosted at the ESAP - Escola Superior Artística do Porto (Portugal) and organized by the architecture studios ReD and X-Ref, teaching independently.
ReD's course is a 3-day intensive class dedicated to introduce the students in the design and fabrication of complex geometries. Exploring an interactive relation between the digital and material worlds, the students already started developing their digital models with curved geometries and building the correspondent physical models.

Digital model of a perforated skin in progress.

02 Physical model of a curved building with variable openings.

March 12, 2008

SampleBOX installed @ Lisbon Airport

ReD's winning project of the architectural competition promoted by LABICER and the Ordem dos Arquitectos is now built in the Terminal 1 at the Lisbon Airport. Its opening was on the 12th of March and it can be visited until the 1st of April.
Additional information about the SampleBOX and competition materials can be seen here.

01 Topographic ground made out of variable MDF panels.

02 View of the variable and colored landscape, made out of several layers of CNC water-jet cut Vitrakem panels.

March 11, 2008

Sign-up for ReD's Newsletter !

ReD has just launched the Beta version of its Newsletter.
Published mothly, this Email will bring you news about ReD's activities, like news, works in progress, publications, conferences, workshops or job opportunities. You can sign-up here now!



ReD in Azores - OutrosMercadus Lecture

Here are some pictures about the last trip by ReD to Azores Islands, to give a lecture as part of the "OutrosMercadus 2006 Award" travelling exhibiton. The lecture took place in the beatiful old church which has been used by the Azores Arts Academy, on February 29. ReD wants to thank OutrosMercadus company and the Ordem dos Arquitectos in Azores by their invitation and support.

01 The Azores Arts Academy's beautiful building that hosted ReD's lecture.
02 The amazing view of the Lagoa das Furnas landscape.

March 03, 2008

ReD featured in "Generation Z" in the Arq./a magazine (Portugal)

The portuguese architecture magazine Arq./a launched a section called "Generation Z", dedicated to highlight the emergent architectural practices in Portugal.
The March edition of this publication features a 8-page space about ReD's works and design approach. Organized in 6 themes -Research, Design, Digital, Material, Consultancy and Teaching- this publication reveals ReD's personal overview about its own practice and the general relation between architecture and new technologies, illustrated with large images about significant project details.


February 24, 2008

ReD will Lecture @ UIC (Chicago, USA)

ReD was invited to be part of the Spring 2008 Lecture series of the School of Architecture at the University of Illinois in Chicago / SoA UIC, currently under the direction of Robert Somol. ReD's lecture will be on the 4th of April, in the Gallery 1100, A+A, at 6pm. This lecture series will also count with lectures from Donald Bates, Sam Jacob, Bjarke Ingels, Albert Pope, Michael Rock, Neil Denari and Sylvia Lavin.

February 18, 2008

ReD's Workshop @ U.Minho has just started!

The Workshop "Complex Gometries: Design and Construction" has just started at the Department of Architecture at the University of Minho.
Today, ReD started working with a group of 22 students exploring advanced digital representation and fabrication strategies. After an initial lecture on the subject of Digital Technologies in Architecture, the students were introduced to the first assignment, that will be due by tomorrow with the presentation of a first physical model, designed and fabricated with the help of the computer.
More information about this initiative will be posted soon.


February 16, 2008

ReD featured as "Alternative Architecture" in "Construir" magazine

The portuguese magazine "Construir - Newspaper for Business in the Construction Industry" published an article analysing the professional comparison between the sofware packages Archicad and Revit (07/02/2008). Written by Ana Rita Sevilha, this article reveals the opinions of some architectural offices explaining the reasons behind their software options.
In a separated textbox, ReD is presented as "Alternative Architecture", due to its particular approach based on the use of different technologies, both at the professional and academic levels.


February 05, 2008

"New Exhibition Design" Book features ReD's M-City Project

A new book on exhibition design projects has been launched, featuring ReD's awarded M-City design project, installed in 2005 in the Kunsthaus Graz (Austria).
A short description:
"The exhibition as a medium enjoys an undiminished currency and great appeal. Exhibitions are a great interdisciplinary laboratory in the charged field of action between art, architecture, media and design. The conception and design of such projects is often of exceptional quality and sets trends. “New Exhibition Design 01” presents the best and most unusual – in terms of design and content – technologically and socially innovative projects of the new millennium in words and pictures: museums, expos, brand museums, showrooms, stage and shops. Moreover, it presents expert contributions that reflect the current discourse and address current trends and developments. Since 1994 Philipp Teufel has been Professor of Communication Design at the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf, with the main focus on museums and exhibitions. Since 1995 partner of Petra Knyrim and Stefan Nowak – nowakteufelknyrim. Uwe J. Reinhardt is Professor of Text/Verbal Communication at the Faculty of Design, University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf. Main focuses at Buero Reinhardt: text and script, editing and conception, exhibition design and scenography, books and catologues."

01 Introduction and the CONEplex installation.

02 CONEplex Installation

03 FLUOSoft Installation

January 27, 2008

Workshop @ ESAP (Portugal) in March - Registrations opened!

Following the "Seminary in Digital Architecture" and the "1st International Workshop in Digital Design Processes", the "2nd International Workshop in Digital Design Processes" will take place a the Escola Superior Artística do Porto (ESAP), between 17 and 24 of March. During that period, a restricted group of students is going to be oriented in the development of a concise practical work that will explore the constructive and creative possibilities that are opened through the use of digital processes. The work unfolds around 2 research studios: "Digital Fabrication" directed by ReD, and "Scripting in Architecture" directed by X-REF.
ReD's research studio "Digital Fabrication" will focus on the relationship between design and construction by means of exploring digital tools to conceive and fabricate architectural projects. To understand the inherent potential of these technologies, the students will be exposed to the challenge of thinking, describe and fabricate complex surfaces, by using advanced modeling software and digital fabrication procedures. This work will conclude with the production and exhibition of physical prototypes that will demonstrate the design implications in the material world.

Registrations now opened but subject to a maximum of 20 students! Deadline for registration: 4th of March.
For additional information and registration you may contact us at the school at


ReD's projects featured in SOL's magazine Cube

ReD's works are featured in the monthly magazine "Cubo" published with the portuguese weekly newspaper SOL, in the article "Vitrakem aterra no aeroporto". Written by Sandra Marques Gomes, this text is dedicated to present the winning-projects of the "Arquitectar o Ambiente" competition, launched by the company LABICER and the Ordem dos Arquitectos Portugueses. The main goal of this design challenge was to explore innovative ways to use the ceramic material Vitrakem in architectue.
In this competition, ReD's project "SampleBOX" was declared the winner among 67 entires. As there were no limits in the number of submissions by each participant, ReD's project "FlyingCarpet" also received a Special Honourable Mention. Both projects are presented and illustrated in this magazine.
Currently, the SamplBOX project is under construction (see photos here) and its completion adn installation in the Lisbon Airport is expected for the 12th of March.

01 Sample BOX images published in a double page.

02 FlyingCARpet published on the left.

January 20, 2008

ReD in Bilbao for meeting with IMAR

ReD is going to be again in Bilbao to meet with the company IMAR. This is the 2nd meeting of the DISONANCIAS research project that started in November 2007. During this time, a first prototype has been designed and built in sheet metal, and it will be analised and discussed by the whole research team.

January 16, 2008

WORKSHOP @ U.Minho (Portugal) in February!

ReD will be teaching a Workshop on "Complex Geometries: Design and Construction" at the Architecture Department of the University of Minho, on the 18, 19, 21 and 22 of February. This is an Level I course on advanced digital design and fabrication course, centered in the new conceptual and material opportunities emerging from the use of computational tools in architecture. For those who may be interested, please check the information bellow or write us to know more about it.

O Workshop em “Geometrias Complexas: Projecto e Construção” dedica-se ao ensino e experimentação prática de processos avançados de projecto assistido por computador, com um grau de dificuldade de Nível 1. Com uma duração de 3 dias, e uma Sessão Final para Apresentação dos Trabalhos, os arquitectos Marta Malé-Alemany e José Pedro Sousa do estúdio ReD (Research+Design) conduzirão 24 alunos e ex-alunos do DAAUM no desenvolvimento de um trabalho prático conciso, ilustrativo das oportunidades que se abrem através do uso intensivo de técnicas e estratégias digitais. O nível 1 dos Workshops em Processos Digitais Avançados de Projecto ministrados por ReD decorre em volta do desafio de pensar, projectar e construir geometrias complexas em arquitectura. A natureza formal desta experiência não pretende representar nenhuma tendência arquitectónica mas sim, colocar os alunos perante um desafio conceptual e tecnicamente crítico onde possam perceber claramente o modo como as novas tecnologias permitem expandir e viabilizar o universo de possibilidades de projecto arquitectónico.

O desenvolvimento do Workshop decorrerá de modo intensivo ao longo dos três dias de duração, com classes orientadas combinadas com sessões de trabalho livre. Será fornecido aos estudantes o contexto teórico e conhecimentos práticos necessários para desenvolver o trabalho e enquadrá-lo criticamente no âmbito da produção arquitectónica contemporânea. Nelas serão apresentadas e discutidas várias referências teóricas e princípios associados às novas tecnologias digitais emergentes, bem como um conjunto de casos de estudo práticos que enquadrarão o trabalho a realizar no Workshop, para o desenvolvimento dos projectos serão usados softwares de modelação digital e em complementaridade a produzidos modelos físicos através do uso de máquinas de fabrico CNC (controladas numericamente por computador).

No final deste Workshop, pretende-se que a ideia do computador enquanto instrumento de produção de desenhos digitais esteja definitivamente ultrapassada por um conceito mais vasto e enriquecedor. Para tal, o trabalho realizado por cada grupo será demonstrativo da utilização transversal do computador ao nível da concepção, do desenvolvimento e da construção do projecto. Juntamente com a experiência prática em grupo, pretende-se contribuir para que cada estudante seja capaz de reflectir individualmente sobre as oportunidades conceptuais e materiais que se abrem com a utilização das novas tecnologias digitais em arquitectura.

Dia 18, 19 e 21 de Fevereiro
, 9:00-13:00 – Sessões Orientadas. 14:00-18:00 – Sessões livres.
Dia 22 de Fevereiro - Sessão de Apresentação dos Trabalhos

Departamento Autónomo de Arquitectura da Universidade do Minho

Para qualquer esclarecimento contactar:
Informações sobre o estúdio ReD, Research+Design Lda. em


January 11, 2008

ReD Lectured @ NAAV (Aveiro, Portugal)

Invited by the OutrosMercadus company and the Núcleo de Arquitectos de Aveiro (NAAV), ReD opened the lecture series on ephemeral architecure, taking place at the Espaço A, in the Casa Municipal da Cultura Fernando Távora. Before the lecture, the travelling exhibition dedicated to the OutrosMercadus 2006 Award was opened, featuring ReD's MCity project that won this award. Ricardo Vieira de Melo (NAAV's president) and Luis Aguiar (director of OutrosMercadus) introduced ReD's presentation to the audience, on the topic of "Computation and Materiality".

01 Event announcement in the street, and the entrance of the lecture and exhibition building

02 Exhibition space showing ReD's MCity project.
03 ReD's Lecture

December 23, 2007

Christmas Celebration Between ReD and GuedesDeAzevedo Offices

Both settled in Porto's historic downtown, ReD and the Guedes de Azevedo street architecture office joined efforts to celebrate together the Christmas 2007. This event included a intense Mini-Golf competition at the Passeio Alegre fields, followed by a dinner at Cufra restaurant, where the competition prizes and christmas presentes were deliver. ReD has also the opportunity to dress its new merchandising product, the Chinese ReD's T-Shirt! More information about this celebration will soon be added to this post.

01 Participants in the celebration event from ReD and Guedes de Azevedo architecture office.

02 Mystic moment during the Mini-Golf Competition

03 Final dinner at Cufra restaurant.

December 22, 2007

ReD will Lecture in Aveiro @ NAAV (Portugal)

Having travelled throughout the country, the "OutrosMercadus '06 Award" exhibition, will now move to Aveiro in January. Promoted by the OutrosMercadus company, the Núcleo de Arquitectos de Aveiro da Ordem dos Arquitectos / NAAV will host this exhibition and a lecture series around the theme of Ephemeral Architecture theme. ReD, the winner of the OutrosMercadus Award, is the studio invited for the opening cerimony. The other lectures will count with the participation of Joao Mendes Ribeiro, Carlos Antunes + Désirée Pedro / Atelier do Corvo and Luis Aguiar/OutrosMercadus. ReD's lecture is called "Computation and Materiality"and the Exhibition opening will take place at the Espaço A, in the Casa Municipal da Cultura Fernando Távora in Aveiro, on the 11th of January at 18h30.

December 20, 2007

MORSlide featured in Italian Book

ReD's MORSlide project is featured in the italian book "Progettare la Luce", edited by Giordiana Arcesilai and Thomas W. Weissenberg, and published by Editrice Compositori. This book examines the opportunities and effects of exploring lighting solutions to affect the spatial qualities of the interior spaces of the house. MORSlide appears on page 22, showing how the morse-based texture of the plywoood skin enhance the lighting effects in the living space area.


December 15, 2007

ReD receives the FEIDAD Award in Taipei (Taiwan)

ReD received the 2005 FEIDAD Award for its MCity Design Project. Making this moment even more special was the fact that the award was delivered by Mr. Cecil Balmond who is one of ReD's most inspiring references in the world of architecture and engineering. The cerimony took place at the Fine Arts Museum in Taipei with the presence of many distinguished guests, including Mr. Toyo Ito and Harvard's GSD Dean Moshen Mostafavi.

01 Images of the event at the Fine Arts Museum in Taipei.
02 MMA and JPS receiving, the 2005 FEIDAD Outstanding Design Award from Mr. Cecil Balmond, awarded to ReD's MCity design project.
03 The FEIDAD Award winners with the organizing committee.

04 Photo with Taiwanese students at the end of the event.

05 MMA and JPS with Profesor Yu-Tung Liu, organizer and chairman of the jury.

06 MMA and JPS with Mr. Toyo Ito, with whom they had the privilege to meet during the event.
07 FEIDAD Ceremony Final Dinner at a traditional Taiwanese Hot Pot restaurant.

ReD receives the FEIDAD Award (Video)


ReD receives the FEIDAD Award from Mr. Cecil Balmond at the Fine Arts Museum in Tapei (Taiwan)

December 11, 2007

ReD Lecture @ Hong Kong University

Invited by professor Tao Zhu, ReD gave a lecture today at the Department of Architecture of the Hong Kong University. Presenting the studio's work and overview about digital technologies in architecture, ReD's lecture was part of the school's lecture series.

01 Lecture poster in the school.

December 10, 2007

ReD Lecture @ Chinese University, Hong-Kong

ReD lecture at the Faculty of Architecture at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The conference starts at 4pm, in the Wong Foo Yuan Buil.

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